Our 2024 Medical Mission is being planned for February 23 - March 3. 

Please consider joining our team for this future mission.

Or you can still support us in other ways!

Calling all La Romana Enthusiasts!

The Medical Mission to La Romana is an amazing adventure of hope and caring that will last in your heart for years to come.

If you have never been on a mission trip before, or if you already have experienced one, the Medical Mission to La Romana will be life-altering. We travel with, and live in, an established and safe church mission program. Unlike some mission trips, the organization and experience we have with the Maranatha Ministries in La Romana and our affiliation with the Good Samaritan General Mission Hospital makes this a mission that can be shared with adults and with youth 16 years and older.

Anyone with a willingness to be part of our team and a desire to pitch in and help out should apply: Everyone has skills and experience that will further our work. Special skills that are particularly helpful in the Dominican Republic are:

  • Medical skills Doctor, Nurse, Physician's Assistant, Pharmacist, Psychiatrist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist
  • Communication Skills Spanish, French, and Creole
  • Construction Skills Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Painter, Drywaller, Sheetrocker, or anyone with a strong back.

It is such a powerful experience for both the young adults and the not-quite-so-young adults that it is worth getting the word out.

For those that want more information or those that have already decided, the Orientation Guide and 2024 APPLICATION FORMS will answer questions, prepare you and give you the contact information for our leaders.  We also have a Virtual Tour/Training Guide that can be fun and helpful.

You can pay for your mission trip payments by using these buttons.

First Deposit $800
Due October 16, 2023
Second Trip Deposit $400
Due November 6, 2023
Last Trip Deposit $400
Due December 11, 2023